Velociraptor - JP style

Velociraptor - JP style
Hey, everyone.
Here is Velociraptor I recently finished for my portfolio.
I modelled, rigged and animated this Velociraptor based off Jurassic Park design.

The overall look of raptor is the same, but I just went ahead with my own colour scheme(kinda inspired by shark) to create my very own Velociraptor.
It was a hell of learning experience and it wasn’t an easy one for me. I think animating and rendering took the longest time for me.

Even at the finally stage of this project, I could see the imperfection in my work. I really wanted to sort a thing or two but I knew that once I start making adjustments, there will be no end, so I let those slip through.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the pics and also please check out the youtube video in the link below for the raptor animation!

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