velociraptor redo

Hi im back again. This is my velociraptor…again but this time there adjustments made in texturing, lighting, and compositing. i think this more better than before. what do you think? :yes:. This is also rig by ma friend aasm271. thanks to aasm271 for the rig and the compositing.
heres the link of the walkl cycle animation


Reminds me of a joke.

An anteater walks into a bar and the barman says “Why the long face?”

hey ! I am a dinosaur fan. The modeling is quite good, congratulations on that area. The textures need to be improved to my taste. More wrinkles and colors. Lately, the animation is not good, extremely jerky and liveless, eyes don’t even move. Animation will be better the second time. Obviously it depends how your rig structure was made. I might look at your file if you are interested, and make a quick walkcycle for you. Also i would also take a look at your rig.


The still shots show this as one of the best completed raptors I’ve seen on this forum recently, but the walk-cycle looks like him doing the robot.:wink:

hi guys. im sorry about the aniamtion ill do better next time.ill have my friend Ivan Arias do better one. the rig is just simple bones unlike the rig of Animaticoide, fantastic rig by the way.