(shawnsonium) #1

I am really proud of this one :D. It’s the most complex thing model I’ve made in Blender so far. The textures I’m sure will be hard to realistically create, so I’m gonna try using GIMP to create a good skin texture. Until then, any comments or suggestions about the model will be greatly appreciated.

This thing started out as a 16-vertex mesh circle, and was created entirely with SubSurfs.

(banana_sock) #2

the tail looks really straight on the top, maybe bend it down a little. And where the head meets the body it seems really thin. It might just be the perspective, but otherwise nice model, i like it.

(S68) #3

Very nice,

I notice some uneveness on the hip.

Head is maybe too big or too large and teeth to small/short/spaced ?

Good luck with texturing. I assume thet you are aware of the very good tuts by env (see the list of tutorial, or look for env) on ‘how to texture your dinosaur’


(blengine) #4

really nice! theres some weird ridges all over the body though, did u model in very high poly and then subsurf? very high poly models in subsurf usually get ridges like that
id like to see some bigger teeth on thios beast =D

(ec2) #5

You should be proud. That is very nice work. Box modeling correct? I gotta get in gear with that…

(kaktuswasse) #6

really good model! The only thing I’d recommend is to make some more muscles and the head seems to be a bit flat on the top. 8)

cya henrik

(EnV) #7

I agree with kaktuswasse to add some more muscular bulge and for the head to much flat on top; and agree with S68 for the hip, too.
Nose looks like to be too much lower in location and the tail MUST be almost a straight line (there were tendons to straighten it), apart for the last part.
The forelimbs should be more large and the lower jaws has a strange shape.
Very nice model anyway! :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S.: if you are interested, I just textured my Allosaurus with uvmapping, and I will write a tutorial about it…


(shawnsonium) #8

Thanks everybody for all the comments! They really helped. :slight_smile:

I updated most of the changes. I fixed most of the bumpiness on the hips, but there is still a bit of unevenness which should be almost un-noticeable once the texture’s on the model anyway. The previous camera angle was making the raptor look like his head was gigantic, so I took a side view. I rounded the top of the head, straightened the tail, fixed the nose, grew the forelimbs a bit, and increased the teeth size for enhanced flesh-tearing abilities. :slight_smile:

imgranpaboy - The weird ridges on the model are supposed to be muscles and bones showing their shape through the skin. If you’re talking about something else, then I missed to fix an error in my model. :-?

env - That would be absolutely awesome if you could make a tutorial on texturing a dinosaur! I have no idea on how to create a realistic skin texture for the raptor.

If there’s anything else wrong with the model, please don’t hesitate to point it out. Thanks!

(EnV) #9

Well, much better but there is still some strange bumpiness on the thight (err… I hope this is the correct word for “upper hindlimb”), in an horizontal way; bumpiness for muscles in that area should be in vertical way, following the shape of the leg. Seen from the side, the fore and hind limbs should be more large.
The shape of the head is correct. in the torso, instead, there should be the scapula’s edge appearing on the shoulder.

P.S.: I already wrote a tutorial about the creation in Gimp of dinoskin textures, in the tut section on my site… next will be the application by uvmapping. :smiley: