This is the Velociraptor I modeled following the “Digital Tutors - Maya PolySubD Modeling” (but with Blender ;)).

Next, I will texture it as described in yet another DT tutorial.


thre are many very good dino threads here done last year have a look!

nice beginning

happy 2.5

Very well done, much better than anything i’ve ever made…but i fail at modelling in general! No tutorial can help ME…

It’s a good start, and the lighting scheme helps to present it well.

What should be worked on is reducing some of the boxiness in the body and tail and smoothing out the rough transitions between the body and the limbs, as it right now is breaking up the organic flow. After you do that you can then work on muscle definition.

Ok. First basic textures added. Rendered with Octane.

Just the same model, with more textures, and rendered again with Octane.

Lovely model. Please, bear in mind that velosiraptors were feathered!

Oh, I do have that fact in mind; I was planning on putting some feathers on it next ;-D !

But before some feathers, a turntable of the model with AO + Diffuse + Bump maps, rendered using Blender Internal:

And the same model, but rendered with Octane.

cool! I’ve been looking for a decent raptor all over the net. THIS IS PERFECT! great model, cool textures, perfect render. where can i get it? thx