Velstyde MRN-7

Hi everyone! It’s been a long time since I last posted. This doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything, not at all, but this is the first thing that I’m really satisfied with, and that I have somewhat finished. I say this, but I will probably still working on it after my holidays though :’)

So after a week of working on this, I finally call it finished. It is a car that I have completely designed myself. The main thing in this project was to make a car that could be road legal, and not a bonkers concept that can’t be built. Truth is, with that front end, it probably wouldn’t be too safe if you run somebody over, but it would be better if that didn’t happen at all.

Now for specs. It is 4,5m long and 1,9m wide. And very low. It is front engined and rear wheel drive, as it should be. It has a manual 6-speed transmission and is powered by an EJ25, to keep that center of gravity looow (and also because other engines are too tall to fit in the bay). The engine you can see in some of the renders below is a great model made by Jared Samuelson, so thanks to him for that. I am still considering making a 3-liter 6-cylinder boxer unit to get some more revs and a sweeter sound, but so far, the 2.5 liter is more than enough. Other than that, the car is rather simple, the suspension in the front is meant to be McPherson and double wishbone in the rear. It shouldn’t be too heavy either, although it is long, but I think it is perfectly possible to keep the weight under 1300kg.

That’s pretty much it. I hope you like it. And know that I am very interested in your opinions, so do comment & critique. I am pretty sure that there is still big room for improvements. Lastly, if you find my stuff interesting I would really appreciate if you dropped by my FB page and/or my webpage :slight_smile:

Higher quality:

Higher quality:

More renders, some of them from earlier stages of the project:

Some backplate viewport renders

A whole lot of those renders here:

I like the design, especially since its original. I like coming up with original designs myself. Keep up the good work! The only thing i could recommend is on the last render, have the engine compartment to be a black matte as to contrast with the engine a little better! Thumbs up

Great work!
The design looks like a 90’s concept car with 2010’s design touches. I feel like the design is a bit mixed up.