Ven (AKA:Mandragora Girl) (edit on 16/10)

Aside, AiPin, my regular WIP animation i have now a second WIP project. And it is an game, that i’ll be doing whit an friend ho knows a little of programing.

New things to show:

my main character, texture upgraded


And a image wit my main char on the background … an cut-scene, not an actual in game screen-shot but … but in GE will look very much like this (not anti-allised… of course!)


finished the animation for that cut scene… since it works nicely as an stand alone animation and introduces the charactes of the game i made same edits ant turned posted as an apart finished project here:

where’s the questions? :slight_smile:
Nice character! Lovely .

hello… there was same question, but i saw that stick-treat on this forun (about what are ok and what are not) and presumed that my questions did not belong to here. i copied them and will post in other forum, but so far i can’t decide if them belong to the game engine or to texture an lightning forum…

tank’s on the compliments!

the textureing looks great except the part on the inside of the feet and legs , I would get rid of that shadow, it will look funny once you animate it.

The rest looks great to me, Nice work. It is a very creative, and original character.

is that 16-bit color :frowning:

Mmph!: Tank’s… now that you said those shadows (as long whit those strong shadows on her arms) may look a little weird in movement. I will rework them.

Hsien-Ko: 16 bit? well i notice that the color really are not perfect… how do i change that?

Thanks for reading the rules. I wish more people would do so.

Edited wit same more material!

I think that the landscape needs a more colorful and happy texture to go with the main character. Try render baking to give it shadows and so.

Cool… I like your style. Too many people strive for photorealism when the BGE is better for stylized graphics.

PS- You need a better video card.

Juggler: tnk’s on the suggestions. Everything is already baked. But i made ambient occlusion only mapping so i could more easily use meshes from an background to another! it may not be perfect but it makes the time consumption smaller!

PlantPerson: Thanks on the compliment’s… is very nice to receive them from you since i really loved the stile of your game!

Very nice! I really like your style, its creative and original = )

The textures on the environment look kinda low-res, but I’m sure you’ll improve on that. That’s really all I can say for now. Good luck, I’ll be keeping an eye on this project :wink:

Tank you!

Do you have any suggestion on resolution the textures?

So far I’m using 600X600 pixels textures for the objects and 1000X1000 for the ground. Most of the object have actually mirrored textures to optimize the space…

Looking very good!

As far as texture size, everyone is different.

I have always done them in multiples of 16, sometimes 8.
Some people go by multiples of 2.

with the BGE I try not to go over 512x512 or things start to be lagging.

Edited to include an link to the thread for the finished cut scene!

I will be watching this one! Nice work so far.

wow, very nice characters. The one reminds me of a Praying Mantis.

tank’s Slink and Enriqolonius!

wow… i never noticed that “mantis remindness” … I’m liking him more now… :slight_smile: