Venator Star Destroyer

Well. C&C please! More texturing to come.

The blue area in the middle is going to be eventually modelled into the hangar as seen in Episode III.


what is up with the texturing?? it looks like its lego… unless thats just a rough scetch

Sorry, forgot to say that only a bump map is applied. Metal texturing and some decoration/coloration will come soon after!

oo lol, well that might explain it lol

Nice modelling. Good start on the texturing. Looks to me like you need to up the resolution of the bump map by quite a bit, however.

will this be a download?

First of all, HOLY SH… ok ok :slight_smile:
Seriously, that’s my favourite star wars ship…
Now about the rest:
Texturing (bumpmap included) - I guess you’re better off skipping the bumpmaps altogether… I mean most of the places with the little greebles can easily be made with the discombobulator plugin and careful selection of faces for discombobulation… The rest - I guess the details on the venator that can’t be emulated very well with textures can be pretty easily made otherwise anyways (I guess they’re too large anyways - you wouldn’t want something the size of an engine plate to be a bumpmap, would you :slight_smile: )… The rest - I guess a bumpmap won’t be needed for the plating (maybe for EXTREME closeups but otherwise if there are any huge plates just extrude them out)… at least I can barely remember seeing one in episode 3 (that was a month ago I think for the last time). Also about the specular shaders - I guess you might not even really need it… Or maybe set it to something like 5-10 hardness and 0.2 spec and 0.8 diffuse… I’m not sure though. Anyways make sure to apply the worn-out feel on the texture as well :slight_smile: (the little brown tints here and there… just go through the movie, the intro has a ton of closeups, note the shaders there as well… After all I’ve watched it like a month ago and my memory ain’t that good :slight_smile: ) )
Aand don’t forget the post-pro bloom…
That’s just about all I can think of at the moment (expect an edit in a few mins if it’s still in my mind, lol :smiley: )…
Good luck with your model and ask if anything is unclear above/got any more questions :slight_smile:
p.s. (not an edit don’t worry :slight_smile: ) the basic shape is VERY good! Would like to see some more angles (some more ordinary ones to be precise, for scale criticism if there’s any needed) but still I find it very good :slight_smile: