Vendara Models

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Hi, It’s me Wunderlust, and my reason for not being very active on BA lately is bcuz i recently joined the game project Vendara. In this thread i am going to show some of my work i have done for them and I would to get some C&C from you guys. The reason for the links is because i don’t want this page to take to long to load, some of the pics are big. Be sure to click the image for full size.
Tileable Wattle and Daub Textures -We don’t have a use for them yet, but when we do i will post some screens.
An Inn/Bar -It has 2 rooms on bottom floor, 3 rooms on top, and an area for a bar downstairs. I plan on adding more contrast in the different wood.
A Blacksmith Shop -I am going to use a different thatch texture for this one.
Blacksmith’s Tools -More to come
Low Poly Over High Poly Monster -Someone else made high poly, and he is currently making head and texturing.
Head -might be to many polys. ohh well…
Inventory Concept -Not final, we plan on having many GUI’s to choose from.
Well -I have added a pole for turning the rope, i just need to texture and i will put a screenie up later.
Armor Set -Simple rusty newb armor, still a WIP. I don’t like how it turned out though…
Sign -pretty basic sign.

Thats all for now, i will post more as i make more.

-vendara is also looking for concept artists, pm me if interested.

hey there wunder, its blackula :slight_smile: nice stuff, keep werkin

good job! i like the style for the face, pretty original!

also, the Well is amazing considering the amount of poly’s used, good work

Thank you for your feedback venar, I plan on making the texture on the rocks for teh well a little darker, right now it looks like they are silver/metallic.

Yeah great stuff, your textures are getting much better. I really like the wattle and daub one.

Inn/Bar Update made it shorter, took off second level. I know this is a small update. Reason for now updating/adding to this thread is bcuz i have been working on another building that just needs texturing… should have ready by thursday/friday-ish.

Thanks Jpblur, those wattle/daub textures really didn’t take that long to make, been thinking of making a mini tut, not for anyone else, but for me just incase i forget how i made them, lol. I checked out your website, video games are boring, very interesting stuff there :).

Tudor Textures -Here are the textures i’ve been working on. I would like some CnC on the windows, i don’t know how to make them better/more realistic. Now i just need to make some doors and some better looking buildings.
Tudor House One -The style of house I am going for.

Tudor House One Update

Doctor’s House -Exterior is almost done.

Doctors House Update 1 Exterior
Doctors House Update 1 Interior

very awesome, but that texture is starting to become really over done, even with the vertex painting

Hmm… i see what you mean. I will make several more versions of the texture then, i was planning to earlier just never got around to it. I will try to include them in the new version of the inn i am working on.

Have you seen the game Eternal Lands? They overkill a texture exactly like that.


Lol, after looking that game up on google, you are totally right :yes:. I can assure you that we have lots more textures planned. As a matter of fact i just made 6 more yesterday, and many more people have added to them. I was just about to make some more.
The entire game will not be half timbered buildings! Just this town will be that we are working on. Oh yeah, if you think you have a good name for a town throw it out here, maybe we will use it in the game. There will be some strange and exotic buildings as well, seeing that it is a fantasy style game, but most of the first island is typical midieval buildings.:D. So, once we get past this island there will be some more interesting stuff on this thread.

Thanks so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it.

Be sure to click the picture to enlarge them.

Tower Test
Doctor window and door
Doctor sign
[U]Haystack + Pitchfork[/U]
Tower Concept
Layout for Tudor Town (un-official)

That looks really good! This is all done in blender right???

Yup, I just did some textures and concepts with pencil and PS.

Yo, I can’t login to Vendara and need an “Invitational Code” To make an account on the website. Where can I get one?

Hmm, ‘is typical midieval buildings.’ well kinda and kinda not. This is a fantasy world, and there are fantasy villages. Yes some are midieval looking but not all of them.

There are lots of ideas in the works… great fun

Red Hand: you want to join the game, or just look? LOL. someone needs to gnerate the code for you and then you can get in. But I thought you were very busy elsewhere?

I think most of us use blender to model, but they are exported to be used in ogre.

This is inside an Inn in a different village, it’s not tudor style, but is thatched roof and sides.

Those are bunk beds, lol.