Venerable Old Head

Edit: current version

Aims : try out the unlimited clay, by making an old man’s head sculpture. Not super realistic but detailed with somewhat caricatured proportions.

Reference, some characterful aged people. I’m not going for a likeness, just some believable wrinkles and form.

just started with a sphere and away we go!


Young, old, middle aged, the muscles underlying the facial forms are the same. You gave your poor old man lumps and bumps where no healthy person would have them. I realize you said you were making a caricature, not super realistic, but that doesn’t give you the right to just make stuff up. I think you are going overboard with an “old=furrows, lumps and ridges” idea. Study your references.

lol, Quite true. Don’t worry I will knock the lumps off him as I progress. Thanks for the feedback. I will keep it in mind as I sculpt.

I did a bit more work hopefully got rid of some of his lumps. :wink:

He is much improved around the mouth and forehead. He still has this weird unnatural muscle running from his temple down to his jaw, and his zygomatic arch is unaccountably angling up over his ear, instead of heading for the center of the ear. Fix those two spots and you’ll have a pretty good base for adding fine wrinkles and other age barnacles, as my dermatologist calls them.

Re-topologised the rough sculpt.
Next step to start sculpting back detail with multi-rez

I sculpted back in the detail and added a flat colour texture.

no texture- flat colour - flat colour and gloss map.

its a bit extreme at the moment especially the gloss.
Next Step: to tone down the textures refine the sculpt and start sculpting fine detail.