Venetian Mask / Mailbox

Two fast renders i made for my website.

Venetian Mask


C&C are most welcome


1 Word says it all…stunning. Great job with the mask and accesorizing it…simply beautiful! Love the mailbox and the random flower! Superb job! 5 Stars from me!

I’ve seen a lot of your work and it’s all great! but what I love about this mask so much, is
that it combines Visualization with Art and that is what seperates the good pictures from the INCREDIBLY INSANELY AWESOME ones!

The second is Great too. I like how it looks so simplistic realistic. Although I have no clue how you got that gras to look so real.

Keep up the good work!

Really, really nice.The only crit i have is the particles - they seem out of place and under-textured in both images. If you could get them looking more realistic and in line with the rest of the image, then top marks.

the mail box was simply awesome!!! really great, i liked it very much, i dont know what it was, but i looks very fine! the colours, textures, and details… everything just fine!

i love it! great work, awesome colour use and and its easy to tell what the mask is made of =D