"Venice Morning" (new pic: Nov 7th)

This one is going to be a longer project, esp. since I’m at school now, so there’s less time for Blendering.
However I thought I’d post this image as a start, and see what you guys think of it. It’s going to be a small tea-house, or coffeteria, in Venice. So far only the building to its right is finished. Comments are welcome! Like what objects to add, materials or textures to change… anything.
Note that the sky will probably not be visible at all in the final setup.



very nice. it looks like the real thing. i recently began on a city scene, and my advice would be this: make the main parts of the structures first, and leave the details like the door etc for last. that way you can mix and match, and also you can figure out what your main view will be, and you won’t waste time making details that won’t be seen.

very, nice, an excellent start. some warmer colours would brighten this up a bit

Modron: yes, that’s actually a very good idea. What I did following this last picture, was make “dummy buildings” with some quick and dirty modelling, and try out the placements of the buildings and the camera. Then I work on the models, and replace a dummy as soon as I’m finished with one.

traitor: I’ll look into some other lighting conditions too, like at night, sunset, etc., but I want to get most of my models done first to see how the scene looks like.

This is how it looks now: I moved the camera, and also decided on a 16*9 apect ratio - which is a first for me, I might add - since it shows the sorrounding buildings more. I turned off the remaining dummies for this render.


looks really good.
you could maybe make the textur of the doors a bit dirtyer.
you could add some lights on the walls.
I have nothing to add everything looks good

good work i suppose you alredy know that the stairs are floating as for texture the cement needs to be dirty

awsome work

The building with the coble stone corners, is there a way you can agment your texture so that the edge isn’t really that sharp of an edge? or possible bevel the building edge? The shadow just doesn’t seem to match the look of the stones. Other then that, the obvious material issues but all that is under developement so it’s coming together!! Keep it up.

For the building on the left with the arch, what would you say is the best way to make a construction like that? You obviously can’t use subsurf, so what’s the most effective way to create a smoothness like that while keeping the 90 degree angles for connecting walls?

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try flowerpots.

i prefered the first composition, personally.

also i’ve never seen a stoned corner but with a plaster cladding (pink building) but then i’ve never been to venice :wink:

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Thanks for the replies!

Veach: no, of course you can’t use subsurfs. You just need a whole lot of vertices at the beginning, when you do that curve. I did it with two circles, with 72 verts, I believe. Or you can draw a Bezier curve, and convert it to a mesh, this will also give a lot of vertices along the curve.

traitor: the architecture for the pink building is based on a photo I made, so yes, it does exist :wink:

I’ve not had much time to work on this lately. As right now the main buildings and composition is in place, but the smaller objects and details need to be added, I thought this would be the best stage to experiment with lighting. This is what I’ve come up with, setting the mood: “Venice morning”. As you can see, there’s one more building in the back, that one’s not finished yet.


Try adding some (small) noise to the wall textures, and texture on the bricks on the corner of the building.

Also shadow should be soft in places far from edges.

I like the warmer colors much better. I think the water still needs alot of work though. Doesn’t seem to be that convincing yet.

Hey its looking really good so far. The only thing that is bothering me tho is the textures on that pinkish house. It looks to me that the chiping down on the bottom was just copied over to the other side. I would say maybe have one of the sides chipping under a window and then down…Just my thoughts. Keep it up!

Okay, it looks like I’m done! There’s also a version without that person in the background, since character modelling isn’t one of my strengths…


This is very impressive. The textures are all great, and the scene is well done in general. Like you said, the character sort of spoils it a little, but I think if you were to put a good model of a man sitting on the stone steps leading into the water the scene would appear to have more story to it.

I really like this one though.

You wouldn’t happen to have a 1440x900 version would you?:slight_smile:


Veach: I’ll see what I can do with that man, as I said I’m not good at making people, the only alternative is to get a model from somewhere, but that’s what I wanted to avoid.
Here are two versions of the same picture, I’ll just link to them here, one with a different man, and one without the man:



What do you think, which one of the two is better?

You wouldn’t happen to have a 1440x900 version would you?

All in good time :wink:

the no man one is much better. even if your human modelling and posing was perfect it still wouldn’t work. The compostion has not reason to have a man in it. It seems out of place like he is hidden in there. If the scene was around him it could work, but this is like a picture where he accidentally got in there.

Here’s a little update, the final plus one version.

  • The light is coming from another direction, so some of the chairs and a table are also lit.
  • The person has been removed, but I added some pigeons, which really are abundant in Venice.
  • I changed the railing into a simple red rope, to allow you to see what’s behind.
  • The left building is now yellow, it was too much like the pink one on the right.
  • Someone opened a window!