Hi @all,

i’ve finished my small project venice. I started this two years before but didn’t work on it for a long time.

Rendered in cycles on 550Ti in 50min
corrections made in gimp

Damnit, that’s what I had planned as my next project :open_mouth:
Joking aside, this looks splendid! Your render has a really cool “vibe”, it somehow looks as if it was painted.
Models and textures are really cool, have you made the textures yourself?

Very good job with the modeling, textures and lighting. The flower modeling looks very realistic. Only a small suggestion; your shadows are very sharp.

Reminds me of Assassin’s Creed! Looks great!

I think either your reflections on the water are too soft or there needs to be stronger reflection. The water just seems dull to me…the rest is awesome:P

I second the water and shadows don’t look right. I would soften the shadows, and maybe put a sky in for the water to reflect.

The water looks very flat to me. Also, the composition seems a little awkward, as there is no real point of focus.
I like the modeling and the materials though.

I like it just as is, sun shadows on a clear day are so hard that you can see even hairs projected, and turbid water with sun light looks like that.

Very very fine! Bravo!


Wow that’s really goooooood only problem I have is the water. It feels very flat for multiple reasons, the main one being the harsh, perfect shadows on top. I’d say add a displacement modifier and bump up that reflectivity, it’ll improve your render a lot.

Yes, I must agree about the flat shadows on the water. I hadn’t noticed before.
You have to improve this aspect, it worth it absolutely.


wow gud work…

Good work.
But, the water needs some love. Not this way. Especially the casted shadows on it. It’s not realistic at all.
As Derek wrote, probably reflections is the key. And, a darker diffuse on water. Now, you need a darker water to reflect color on the scene. So, a second hidden diffuse BSDF (lightpath is camera ray / BSDF mixer)

one update
thank you guys for your comments