Hello everyone,

Some time ago I started to build some buildings from venice. I liked them and started to create a whole scene.

Hope you like it.

Wonderful! I love everything about this picture.

It’s a beautiful massive scene. I’m very impressed on how you had managed doing all those buildings.

Excellent modeling my friend!! five stars from me :slight_smile:

very nice models!

Fantastic work

this turned out great. very realistic.

Love the details and the water is awesome. The rest brilliant as well.

Congratulations on reaching the top row.

Very well deserved, the detail here is unbelievable. Awe inspiring work my friend :smiley:

Was a sky dome used? I would love to see the lighting setup.

This is an example of a good art. is this a real picture or a rendered picture? what are good tools for 3d rendering and creating cgi’s?
Thanks in Advance

This is one beautiful render!

Well done. Beautiful render.

Really nice work. Only thing I would do is add 1 stop of exposure in post. I feel that with this sky, highlights should be tad stronger.

I feel like there would be a lot more potential to get more out of this scene with lighting and post-pro! Image looks a bit too greyish for my taste and mid-day lighting doesnt really emphisize the sweetness of venice. Great job on geometry though!

Really impressive indeed. I hope one day I’ll be able to produce this kind of complex and beautifull scene. Congratulations!

I was there… :slight_smile: You catch the spirit of that magical city.

IMHO you captured the look and feel of Venice. Guess I can cash-in that airline ticket!

Really nice work and i like that u gave it a painting effect

Wonderful textures and colours.