Venom - how to do the slime in blender

(chlowden007) #1

I recently watched the feature film Venom, which has its fair share of very impressive VFX & CGI, and I wondered how or if it is possible to create the “slime” version of the Venom character in blender. This is not the humanoid character, but the animated slime in the lab.
Personally, I would go with a very dense particle simulation but the slime is also animated, so I figured that maybe something like animation nodes could control some particles or using a weight painting technique to move the particles in a specific direction.
This is all intellectual conjecture as I figure that must of used a Houdini style sim.
The link below asks a similar question.

So any thoughts would be very great for Blender version.

(chlowden007) #2

I can confirm that it was done with houdini and tonnes of metaballs.

(yogyog) #3

Maybe look at cubesurfer… meaning you can prebake metaball animation.