Venom - Update Nov. 23 - Pg. 3

OK, started this one today:

As you can see, it is going to be Venom when I finally get this done. Not sure I will do the whole body though. Likely just a head/bust image, as I want to concentrate on using the sculpt tools and do some nice textures.

Just wanted to get this up here to share. I think the progress on the basic shape is there. Will be looking for crits once I get to the real detail work.

Thanks for looking. :slight_smile:


Looks great. Show them what Venom really looks like, the creators of the new Spiderman clearly missed it. :wink:

skypa: Thanks. I agree 100%. Not sure I am going to like Venom in the movie either. Though I think it will turn out alright. I have my hopes up. :wink:

Anyway, here is a small update:

Gonna tweak this out a bit more and then apply the mirror modifier and then break up some symmetry. Then to do the teeth and the eyes.


Why, oh why, BgDM, why do you like to create such horrible beasts?
How about a nice apartment for a change or sth?
Or if you still keep on makin’ monsters then how about makin’ Super Wu ? :smiley:

Model seems to be going well though. Keep it up :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, is his lower jaw supposed to protrude that far out?

Blenderist: HAHA! Well, just because they are more fun to do and challenge me nore on the modelling end of things. That’s the only real reason. THough I guess a nice apartment render wouldn’t be out of the question one of these times. :wink:

omegapirate2000:Yes indeed. Venom is supposed to be a bit disfigured/overexaggerated. Just take a look at some of these references:

Here is the first test render of the mesh as well:


you’re a freak dude, awesome stuff. I’m going to be seriously pissed if i find out that in a few months i have to download this thing and finish it off myself.

Hard to comment at this point. I can’t wait to see what you do with it, though. Especially the textured skin for him. That should be interesting.

It’s all looking good so far bud! The mesh is nice and clean with good loops. There’s not much to comment on just yet but I’ll be watching this one with a keen eye :slight_smile:

Nice wiork so far mate. Would look mental with a full shoulders bust, especially if you do it similar to the second reference.


nice stuff, great modelling,
waiting for seeing it to textured


Great work as usual, BgDM, I’m a great fan of Venom.
No edgeloops for the eyes (after all, there’s a human face under the symbiont)?

gnarly. you should do the whole scene with the three of them.

Hey, BgDM! Good start, can’t wait to see him with teeth :)…

id love to see how ull make the tounge look on him lol

Ha ha new model again (aahhh I can’t catch up with you anymore ). Nice start so far. I think you should widen his jaw. About the render, did you use any scripts or that just pure blender. I am going to keep my eyes on this thread. Anyway I gtg, goodluck with the model.

WooHoo! Lots of replies. No updates for this post though. Been busy here. So now, some answers…

traitor: LOL dude! I hope not too.

MartyJ, garphik thoro & Mr_Bomb: Thanks guys.

sonix: Not sure how much of a bust I will do. Though possibly doing some more of the shoulder is a reality.

EnV: Thanks. As for the eyes, it looks like I may delete a lot of the polys there and redo the whole area to get those trademark Venom eyes. So no, no edgeloops. THough I know what you mean.

Modron: heh, that sir, will be a little too much to pull off.

vitaliy: Tongue shouldn’t be too hard. The teeth will be the chore I think.

Giangmatrix: lol, yeah. Another one. Oh well, have to do something. The jaw may look a bit small due to the camera angle of the render. I think it is OK for the purpose of this one. As for the render, it is pure Blender. Just my standard render set up for these types of render.

Hopefully an update by the end of the day.


Slight update:

Eyes added. Now to go through the process of adding the teeth and breaking up symmetry.

Tongue will likely be the last thing I add.


you are making pretty good progress

Current progress wire frame and render:

Teeth getting added, obviously. Will need to tweak the gum area abit after they are all added in.

rexprime: thanks.