venoms lab 2

I have bought the dvd venoms lab 2 and when I look at the tutorial Koro then I can follow quite easy but at a sudden point he is extruding the nose…The problem is that I can’t select the innerline so I can not extrude the whole nose…I cant get the upper part with it…How can I select the whole innerlin from the eye?

Not much to go on there. What “innerline” ? What “upper part”, What “eye”.
If someone has the DVD what for example is the time code on the video ?

If you need help please supply much much more useful info so peoplw know what you are talking about. Screenshots, blend files etc etc

Don’t make others do all the hard work, make it as easy as possible for them.

Yes you are right.
I will do it tommorrow…I know too little info…Sorry tomorrow I will give the details…will look at the dvd and take screenshot also.


I put a screenshot with this reply to see what the problem is…I put little red lines in the faces I could extrude and the one I can’t zxtrude has no red line. I put the screenshot from the dvd from venomslab…The second screenshot is the same but with the yellow arrow I marked the side I could select and which part I could not select because it select first and when I confirm the selection this selection disappears and I can only extrude 3 out of 4 the ones marked with the yellow arrows

Hopefully this is more clear otherwise tonight I use camtasia to try explain what goed wrong