H.R. Giger’s artwork for Aliens was the theme for WC117, so after spending several hours viewing his paintings leading up to and following the first Aliens movie, I tried to come up with something original that was “inspired by” Giger.

“Haunted” or “infected” is maybe more like it :stuck_out_tongue: His “biomechanical” portraits and landscapes are extremely dark and brutal in subject matter and tone, so I attempted to represent some of that here in a decidedly severe piece called “Ventricular”:

Please click here to view the image.

Not something I’d typically set out to do were it not for the WC theme, but it was an interesting exercise and a challenge. :slight_smile: Hopefully it’s not too dark for all the non-gamma-corrected monitors out there.

Pure Blender 2.34 (minus wording/border) using the new curve taper feature.


Intresting, I like the use of the different shades of gray, very abstract.

Nice work.


very nice! 8)

I like it very much - and it shows a great use of the Curve Taper feature.

It’s neither too dark for my screen nor for me (I admire Giger’s works) :D.

Prominent abstract feel to the picture, very smooth modeling as well.

Great image. Giger’s work is distinctive and you captured his essencial features.
One thing: what’s “Curve Taper”? Sort of bevelling?

I always look forward to your work. You never disappoint. Great job. Nice mood and color.

Excellent tribute to Giger. Very true to his style and colours. Excellent work.


Look in the developement section of and it’ll explain what taper curves do.

Interesting view on Gigers work, looks just like something Giger would use as a background design or detail on some larger structure or landscape.

Ah finally…I was waiting to see this for the wc! a true giger work! Finally someone who know what we’re talking about :stuck_out_tongue:

I love it!

we’re talking about giger… ? right… ? eehmm… just doublechecking.

right. oh, nice piece robertt!


for some reason, I seem to expect part of that to move, and then an xenomorph to jump out at me…

Wow, thanks for all the great replies everyone :smiley: I wasn’t so sure about this one, so it’s encouraging to hear people could connect with it and sense some Giger in there :slight_smile:

The curve taper feature is a great addition to Blender that lets you apply the shape of one curve to another, thereby “tapering” the target curve. This leads to many different possibilities as you can imagine.

Back to blending… :wink: