Venus di niente

VENUS DI NIENTE is one of my recent Blender projects:

Love for this Venus is that of nothing, no one, nowhere, not even herself.

Pure Blender 2.42 render.

Rings and other manual mesh detachments afterwards aside, this was created as one massive mirror mesh sculpture which also includes the background scrollwork. Approximately 30 hours went into modeling, materials, lighting, and test rendering this over the past week and a half.

Thank you for viewing my work,


I don’t feel qualified to post, but here goes…


You certainly freed your mind this time, RobertT.

I’m thinking the Hindu goddess Shiva. And the little triangle at her forehead harkens to Georgia O’Keefe. But, those retro echoes are propelled centuries into the future. Or into a different plane of existence altogether.

This is what I’m paying for! Err, if I was paying…

To quote Trog: Wow

All those hours of work definitely pay off when you see you’ve created something like this (and when you get 3+ pages of comments :P). The symmetry has worked out great for this image, and I like the fact that the reflections are non-symmetric, and all those intricate shapes in the background that prevent it from looking empty…it all adds up to a great render.

(is it just me that sees the Blender logo reflected in the middle-lower area?)

That is one incredible work of art.

If BgDM moved every work that’s really good to the gallery you would have the most by a long shot.

Very nice! I like the ‘belly button’ thing. It has a nice flow to it.

Agreed. The detail in all your works is absolutely tremendous RobertT! You are definately one to show the potential of Blender!

This is gallery material. Fantastic work RobertT, Your use of colors always amazes me.

Great artistic impression!

Though it reminds me of tarot, or other mistic cards, which gives me unpleasent feeling…

Absolutely fantastic image RobertT. Lighting is perfect here. No issues with this one at all, technically.

Now, mood wise, I would suggest that her hands be placed palms up to show more of a “draw you into her”/inviting feeling. Right now, she seems very static in that pose.


Thanks, everyone, for the awesome feedback and encouragement. This is one of several images I might consider making available as a print some day. It’s also part of a mini-series of images that includes my recent Emperor’s New Vision project.


WOW! Amazing work! 5 stars!

Of your works, this one is one of my favorites. Right up there with war machine and the recent cloud series. This one reminds me of your “the emporer’s new clothes” image in style and technique. Awesome reflections, I only wish the bottom of the figure didnt just stop there, thus looking like it was molded out of the top of a cube…rather you could have had the “dress” continue flowing downwards.

4 stars for you sir! (I’m a harsh critic ^_~)

Lasphere: Thank you very much for the kind words and the rating :slight_smile:

Artistotle: Thank you again for a great response to my work. I really appreciate it when someone takes the time to respond to my ideas. I’m glad you picked up on the connection with the Emperor’s New Vision, since this, along with some other projects I’m working on, are part of that world. This was actually modeled starting out from a plane. The reflections took a while to get right, but it was worth it :slight_smile:


That is even more beautiful than the emperor´s new vision! It´s psychedelic, fantasmic and gives some sensual-feelings :slight_smile: Good future to you!

Moved to the gallery.


Incredible man, well deserved of the gallery…

Wow, what a crazy artwork. I love it. Although, I must say, what a crazy bra!

this is soo da…n cool. There is just so much to look for in this picture. It makes me want to go back and look through alot of your other art again to see if i’ve been missing things when i viewed them the first time. Super fine stuff here.

I’m pretty sure Robert J. Tiess is an experimental government robot; it’s simply impossible for a human being to produce artwork of such a high quality as fast as he does.

Yeah - I could see the connection with Emperor’s New Vision. It’s not just the modelling - it’s the sense of colour and materials you use.

I’ve really enjoyed your choices for colour in particular - a personal preference maybe.

Are all these characters going to be somehow masked like these two seem to have been? I’m not really sure if they’re meant to be organic flesh under a tonne of metal or some sort of sentient but artificial lifeform.

But it’s lovely nevertheless.

I’ve often showed your work to friends as an example of what an artistic tool Blender can be. It’s great to show them a photorealistic head - but sometimes it’s even better to show them that Blender’s applicability depends on your imagination probably moreso than technique.