Venus Sets Her Trap/WC186; 3/14 UPDATE: Second Render Added

Here’s a little something I made for Elysiun Weekend Challenge # 186…

Venus Sets Her Trap

original image

Blender 2.41 with slight post-pro (DOF, mainly contrast tweaks).

For those of you who might remember Blossom, consider Venus to be her wicked sister, lingering elsewhere in the forest like a giant venus fly trap and using her looks and lights to lure unsuspecting admirers to almost certain doom. Only those who can answer her riddles are free to go.

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MARCH 14 UPDATE - post-WC render added below:

While I don’t really care for the color scheme, the texturing and lighting is very nice. Excellent work, as always.

Good job, man. I thought your last works were getting a bit so-so, but you totally redeemed yourself with this one.

You’re not there yet with the hair(cuts), but excellent work on the cloth and depth.

Only those who can answer her riddles are free to go.

What’s the square root of 796?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Father and son are involved in an accident. Father dies, son is brought injured to a hospital. In the operation room the doctor, who’s about to operate him, says: “I can’t do surgery on him… he’s my son.” How is this possible?

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I agree with Sago on the hair. Have you played with the guides at all yet?

The facial expression is very distracting for me. Her eyes seem to be way too open and “bugging out”. Your male characters have had great facial detail and features, but this female seems to lack that definition and construction of the face mesh.

The rest is really well done though. Great cloth and shader work.


dante: Thank you very much for the feedback and kind words, dante.

Sago: Thanks. I didn’t have much time for this WC, just about five hours, so hair was left pretty basic.

BgDM: Thanks, BgDM. I have worked with the guides before and have some projects coming up that will use them more prominently and hopefully more effectively. I didn’t use any guides on the WC entry due to time constraints. The lighting maybe added a little too much drama to her expression.


I added a second post-WC render to my top post in this thread. I did quite a bit more post work on this using Painter this time around for that. About 2.5 more hours of work.

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looks nice! altho i think her face is a bit to orange…

Father and son are involved in an accident. Father dies, son is brought injured to a hospital. In the operation room the doctor, who’s about to operate him, says: “I can’t do surgery on him… he’s my son.” How is this possible?

Lol, whats the answer? I have no idea…

I’d like to see her catch somthing :smiley: . Have her catch Wu lol. Really nice image bro, keep up the good work. What’s your lens setting on the camera?

Geez… 5 hours. Even if you used some stocked blendmodels/lighting it’s darn fast.

Sorry RobertT, didn’t mean to make it off topic.
The least thing I can do is letting you answer that. You’re smart… you do know the answer, right?

Sweet Post-pro btw. :wink:

yoeri: Thanks!

jackblack: Thanks, jackblack. I kept the camera standard (35) for this one. I often play with camera settings but didn’t have to for this one.

Sago: With the mirror modeling (which I used for the head) and new extrusion, Blender goes faster than ever for me. Experience gained from past projects helps speed things along. I never use stock anything because I need each scene to be unique. Certain practices do get repeated project to project. Hair emitter mesh was copied from head mesh, and the pointy items were duplicated many times. There are something like 17 lamps in this, with some set to negative. Lighting took about an hour to get right. Texturing was procedural for different elements. As I mentioned though in my previous post, another 2.5 hours went into the second version mostly in redoing the hair, face, and additional post work. Keeping certain items on their own layers also goes a long way towards a more manageable project.


Yes, the mirror modeling rocks, I never even used it before 2.4. wish I had though…
New extrusion? Don’t know 'bout that… I’ll look it up. Could come in handy.

Thanks for the info,

Btw. to yoeri, the anwers of the riddle is:

the doctor is a woman.

Shame on you for not knowing…

Re: extrusion

For example, CTRL + LMB in face edit mode, with one, several, or all faces selected.


All I get with CTRL + LMB is the lasso selection tool. Don’t know if you meant this, but I totally forgot about it after seeing it once.

So thanks. :smiley:

No, that’s not what RobertT meant - just select a face of your mesh, hold down the CTRL key and ‘left single click’ somewhere next to your mesh - the face will extrude into the right direction.

Good work, RobertT - I think the second version is much better than the first one - especially her face and the colours.

Wow, that’s a weird one. But also really fast and practical.


now we can go on topic again…

I really like the 2D effect you give your work. Very nice! Reminds me of another work of yours.

I’m going to be truthful, your work is starting to bore me. It used to be quite nice, but when I look at your current work I just go “meh”. Just doesn’t have the same feel to it. I think it’s time for you to move away from the abstractish images %|


thoro: Thank you very much thoro.

Woodman5k: I appreciate that.

mystery00: Thanks for the feedback. I do not consider this abstract. I haven’t posted anything truly abstract in Finished Projects for a very long time now. All I can say is I work very hard at these projects, and my creations are exciting and special to me for reasons I do not expect everyone to know or understand. I have different ideas to explore, stories to tell, characters to develop, etc., but not all will appeal to everyone, which is something we all have to accept as creators and viewers. As always, I will continue doing new things and styles and seek improvement in all areas.


I think what mystery means that you have an interesting but very consistent style. If you took a bunch of pictures in the blender gallery and threw in a few of your work, you can pretty much tell right away which ones are yours just from the style.

Having a style to your images isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I guess it’s good to try something new once in a while too.

Jack000: I might have certain tendencies, but I do try to keep it varied in terms of subject matter, style, and techniques used.

I look back at the last 30 or so projects I did, and not one of them is really the same – but only a few of these were posted on Elysiun so no one here would know about those. I also do a lot of 2D work, and just some of that gets posted at CGTalk (sometimes in the Daily Sketch Group) or in the Traditional forum here.

But there are recent examples here too. For example, for last week’s weekend challenge I decided to do a 2D vector image all in Blender using a very different style and technique for me:

(no post work)

The week before that I did something using toon shading and motion blur. (no post work)

One of my most recent “bigger projects” was a sci-fi scene:

Not long ago I was working on my “flamencobot” and animations of her:

Then there was Shakespeare, Eve, a koala bear, a futuristic tower of Babel, a music box… I mean, I am trying very hard to keep subjects varied and stylistically interesting.

I post only a percentage of my work here. I am doing other things including animation. This is a particularly sad time in my life, and believe me I am trying my best in all areas.

As for my next project, it might involve an F1.