Verdict on Fable?

I read that Fable is supposed to be the next big thing, although I didn’t know this at the time I bought it. Hhas anyone tried it and what do they think?

My verdict:

  1. Very short
  2. Not very challenging
  3. Some beautiful 3d scenes
  4. Lighting and many of the graphics are stunning
  5. Character modelling - everyone seems to have these thick lower lips and static hair-dos and reminds me of Thunderbirds
  6. Animation of grasses and ferns movng in the wind is lovely (see barrowfields)
  7. Music is generally fab

Overall rating: shows promise, but try harder next time

Some questions:

  1. What software was used to do the graphics?
  2. It appears that half of the worlds population were involved in making this game (the credits go on for 3 and a half days). Is it possible to make a game like this without employing so many people?
  3. Is microsoft responsible for making the XBox and if so, why did I buy one?
  4. Were any of the Blender community involved in making this game?
  5. What’s so special about the Blue Nymph?
  6. How come a “manly arm pump”, a box of chocolates and a “sexy hero pose” don’t work in real life?
  7. can anyone suggest a better game (I liked Baldurs Gate, although 3d stuff isn’t as good)

Best wishes

I liked it… if you like it try Morrowind.