Verdun needs experienced and active blenderheads!

Hey guys,

I’m currently working on this project and we are in real need of static modelers to assist me! We are making a World War One FPS based on the battle of Verdun. We are planning to bring out a playable version in November but to do that we really need some more static modelers that are capable to make good looking low poly models and provide textures. Well for more info read the text below and if you got any questions please ask.

[Verdun]WW1 FPS development team needs you!

The engine

Verdun is built on the powerful ogre3D engine, which is capable or producing the latest directX 9 features and post prossesing effects like High Dynamic Range lightning. Realtime Physics, and 3D sounds will be included. Verdun will support 32+ players online.

The game
The first versions of Verdun will feature 3 factions directly involved in the battle of Verdun. Find yourself in the epic struggle around the fortresses of Verdun in 1916 as either a French or a German soldier. Or see action as a rookie American doughboy in the Meuse Argonne offensive in 1918. In later versions more factions will be included namely the British, Canadian, ANZAC and Belgian forces to conclude the western front. After that our special interest goes to the Italian front in a mountainious setting. But in the end no front will be forgotten.

In Verdun a variety of locations will be offered. You will meet your opponent in the shell-torn landscapes which dominated the Verdun salient. Maps that are going to be added contain names like Cote 304, Mort Homme and Fort Vaux/Douaumont for the French/German 1916 campaign. Trench warfare will be the main theme of this campaign with claustrophobic close combat, nightly trench raids, and massive infantry charges. Indoor locations like Fort Vaux and Douaumont, as well as destroyed villages will be featured.

The American part will have a different theme, this time the front is more mobile. You will see the Meuse Argonne battle first hand while entering the Argonne forest, clearing huge bunker complexes. Another part will be the Meuse plains behind the Verdun front where you will face elite German sniper teams and machine gun outposts.

Verdun is a game developed by enthusiast from all kinds of disciplines. Do you want to be part of this? We are really in need of this kind of artists.

Static artists: Who should have experience with both modeling and texturing.
Has experience with any 3D program and is capable of modeling statics at a level of detail which is common for games.
Experience with Photoshop, or comparable 2D programs and is capable of producing quality metal and wood textures. (Note that we only want people with licensed programs or freeware)

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