Verge3D Gallery - need your opinion!

We’ve just published a gallery of 3D web apps made with Verge3D engine:

What do you think about it? Is these graphics looks fine for real-time 3D engine which works in the browser? Or maybe there is a room for improvements. Also if you want to create something awesome using Verge3D and want to be presented on this page, just let us know!

I’m impressed and inspired! But who am I? I’m not able to give you good advice, but thanks for sharing it.

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Impressive job, looks nice, the only minor thing that is disturbing to french people is that for us “verge” means penis. :yes:

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We really appreciate your feedback. Thank you!

We really appreciate your feedback, thank you!

I know. We have plans to make a re-branding for the french community. For now you can simply call it V3D Engine :slight_smile:

Another thing added to the gallery - a Merry Christmas app: