Verices not attached to a bone

Hi everybody,

i`ve searched in the and in this forum but i could not get an aqnswer on this topic.

is there a way to see all vertices which are not attached to at least one bone(vertexGroup). I need this because i will have to export it with the fabulous Ogreexporter which recommends that there is no vertice in the mesh which is not attached to at least one bone.

If this is a duplicate of another post then I`m sorry, but I spend now about an hour of searching for this topic.

Thank you in advance

just move the intiry armature and you see the verts that are not assigned

or you just selects the object than the armature, ctrl+P, armature, create from boneheat, this is realy nice automatic

Thanks for quick reply.

I think I’ll do the first option becaus I allready done most of the weighting.

ok but for the next time give it a try it is a prety neat function