VERMIN freak out!

you get some weird ideas and halucinations when u dont sleep much… i was pettin my cat, i looked out back and saw a bunny cage…
before u know it, i was imagining a dog, rat and bunny hybrid…
then i upped the anty and skinned it like a cat, and gave it some tendons and a big jaw full of cute teeth…

im still really freaked out by it…
thats never happened to me before with my own pics
remind u of anything? tips to improve?


:o wow, that’s extremely welldone, and yep, frightening… the camera angle is perfect, textures are excellent. and that got me wondering actually, how did you texture this baby up? uvmapped? or is some parts (torn out skin) modelled?

maybe short animation of head slowly turning and low growling sound would be the final blow… :-?


thanks for the comps… the texturing was fun, and plenty of work…
-for the head, the peach skin was modeled and textured peach =) with a lol blood splash nor texture…
-the body skin was a pitcure of a rusty pipe edited(photoshop) and 'nor’ed (.6 spec, 200 hard, 3 nor), also on the body is a vein texture… so i could bump out some veins… the rusted pipe texture took care of most of my texturing on the body :smiley:
-claws were same as peach skin, only white, and a darker blood splash
-tendons, purple material with the veiny texture
-nose was black/small stucci bumps
-drool was reflective green goo 8)
no uvmaps this time…

animation already in the works! hehe, funny u should mention…
i was gonna have him hop into view of the camera, looking for food, snarl visciously, and then leap away… of course the drool(already made of metaballs) will have a cool metaball particle system… im in the middle of riggin him up…

Mama Mia! What a great pic!
I love the texturing.

WOWSERS :o Freaked me out too! Great image. Texturing is absolutely beautiful! (As it always is).

I was beginning to wonder if you ever slept :wink:

Only crit I have is that texture on the floor seems to be stretched a bit. Could use a bump map as well, maybe.

I wanna see the anim, SOON!!


:o :o GULP :o :o



People is snot leeping well lately…


I must say that is one of the best blendings I’ve ever seen yet… In fact, its so good it looks like he came straight out of a blender :stuck_out_tongue:

I especially like the tendons and stuff on the outside of his body. Very cool… I wish I could texture like you :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe we can convince you to write a tut? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Must say it’s pretty cool!
I like the little blood/vein strings around his mouth and paws

The eye just looks a little weird to me - is it rotated all the way up to face the ceiling?

And maybe the front paws should move some more towards the front of the character to make it look more balanced. See what I mean?

Quite awesome, I look forward to the animation

  • Stungun

I like it very much, my favourite colours & textures! I find it amazing how many of you can be so productive, quite depressing actually…

I’m impressed by your results. I like the attitude of the beast. Whatever it retains of the fused pets that gave birth to it makes that fellow all the more worrysome.
For the saliva, transparency looks strange, not convincing. I’d vote for froth or something almost completely opaque and somewhat glistening. Or blood…

Mummy… I´M SCARED!

It reminds me very much of the scary monster in “Brotherhood of the wolf”. Or as it’s titled in France “Le Pacte Des Loups”.

Indeed very very good.

I gotta go change my pants!




i was thinking of froth too… it shall might be done

the eye has no pupils =) thats a shadow up top under his brow

lol what blood? there is none, unless yer talking about the dry blood splash texture on his skin? its not meant to be wet, flowing blood…rather dry stains of it :wink:

thanks fer all the comments! seriously!
hes almost done being rigged, i fell asleep earlier, dammit! what a waste of time. hehe…

i think if people ever doubt the results you can get in blender we should show them that

seriously good work there
keep it up

way cool, dude.
It’s my new background!

wow…that looks really nice. I think monsters with big muscular bodies and little heads are scary. Does anyone remember those black dog things on the first Ghost Busters?

you kick ass.


that’s probally the collest pic i’ve ever
seen produced with Blender.
your texturing reminds me quite a bit of
Pascal Blanchey’s work.


how do you get your images so sharp in Blender?

and your cars!!!

your chrome is beautiful!

you crap head.