Vernel Naturals - Fabric Softener

Using Blender for real-world commercials? YES!

I’ve had the immense pleasure to work with the VirtualRepublic studio (Germany) to make this commercial possible. All done in Blender!

Essentially, the order (to me) was to make a Ylang-Ylang flower, and to be able to control it’s shape via modifiers - and that the final shape would be made by the studio themselves. So, I made it possible to control the petal’s mirror, thickness of the bulb and petal (both separate), how they curve, how concave or convex they are, and so on (video demonstration).

It was a blast to work on this project! And I’m absolutely in love with the results.

Blender 2.83


The commercial itself (Lower quality because of upload restrictions)

To see the commercial in high resolution CLICK HERE

To see the shape modifiers in action: