vers 2.57 is not a good idea

whose dumb idea was it to make the background dark grey and of course the line black.
hint: the lines do not show up well- not enough contrast.
and how do i tell it to use the mouse wheel?
probably more problems to follow
on a vista 64 bit
thanks fellow sufferers

Change the background colour in the user preferences, problem solved in a few seconds.

and how do i tell it to use the mouse wheel?
Depends what you want it it do

About the mouse wheel it’s a problem i had with each new 2.5x release (official and unofficial) i tried.

To make the mouse wheel working again, click on File -> User preferences.

Then on the User Preferences window, select the Input tab
Now click on “Emulate 3 button mouse”
If it’s already ticked, untick it and reclick on it.

thanks guys

it only takes seconds when you have been working on it for months.
i went to themes - 3d - what is their jargon for the terrible grey background color?

where did the hide the font size for the screen?

Man… the background is listed as “Windows Background” the text can be adjusted by the DPI setting, or code. Seriously, play around a bit.

where is the background view? where i can load a photo to guide the making of the object.
used to be in view - but they seem to have found a far harder place to put it.
(computer using blender does not connect to the internet - so the help files do not work.)

thanks - now i have frustratingly played around with it.
but have yet to find ““Windows Background” the text can be adjusted by the DPI setting, or code.”

UPDATE! found windows background and it nicely change the color of the user preferences panel!
BUT NOT the area behind the objects i create - i found the grid BTW


oh well i will have to look out my 2.49b files and ditch 2.57

CTRL-Alt-U (user prefs)
Themes tab
Click the button labeled “3D View”
Scroll to the bottom.
Adjust the color box labeled “Windows Background”.
Stop complaining about the new interface. Give it a chance. You’ll probably find that it makes a lot more sense. :yes:

in 3d view, press ‘N’ to bring up the right side panel, and look at the bottom tab, you will find the add background image.

Look at the link in my signature for a very nice overview of 2.57b - it did help me a lot to get used to the layout.

I think you should do that if you find 2.57 is too difficult for you.

Well now that would be a decision that is up to you. You might wish to consider that 2.49 is no longer being developed as far as I know. The change-over is a pain but it is nothing too difficult, you just have to learn a new way of doing what you already know how to do. There are a whole bunch of reasons to stay current with new developements. As said above, experiment. You will learn in the process.

thanks all - but at my age i would rather spend my time being creative rather than struggling with new software without a handy manual. the computer with blender does not connect to the internet - not that i have every understood the help files!

Goo dluck with that - I am sure that your first foray into Blender from whatever software you first used was not any easier than digging into 2.5x - as for ease of creation, have fun with the old way of assigning textures to your materials and brushes in 2.49. New 2.5x series makes it EASY to do more creative work. I would recommend Roland Hess’ book Blender Foundations, I keep mine in my laptop bag that goes with me everywhere.

early blender had printed manuals. that and LOTS of forum help is how i learned.
Roland Hess’ book Blender Foundations is for version 2.6!
i wonder when the software comes out and i hope 2.6 is stable!

No, the title was picked based on the info at hand at time of publication - and then the Blender Foundation decided to change the numbering of our present version. The book IS for 2.5x series, and 2.57b is more stable than you think. Look up the book here, and you will see his response to that.

2.57b is technically the most stable release there is :wink:

It may not be completely reliable yet (although, personally I have literally found not a single bug) but atleast it will be updated.
You are holding yourself back using 2.49b instead of the newest version, just look into the user interface, it’s not that hard to do and it can speed up the process significantly in the end. Ofcourse, if you want to be stuck with old features and software, with no proper help from the community, because nobody uses 2.49b anymore, then go for it. But 2.57b is the latest and greatest and in my oppinion completely tops 2.49b by far.

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