Verse - Multiple People Making 1 3d Object at the Same Time!!!

I just found the free program called Verse and was wondering 1 of 2 things. But before I ask the questions I would like to quote the summary of this amazing program, “Verse is a network protocol that lets multiple applications act together as one large application by sharing data over a network. If one application makes a change to shared data, the change is distributed instantly to all the other interested clients. The protocol and associated data format are both heavily optimized for sharing data suitable for 3D graphics.”

Basically what this program would do for Blender users is to allow them to collaborate on desing ideas, and allow newer people to learn from the Pros! Much more could be done with it but you can explore that on your own (for instance a group of master 3d designers could group together and work on a daunting task {also with the possibility of a newer creators to sit back and simply observe all the numerous steps needed to create the piece}.

1st - Does anyone currently use this awesome Program currently and if they do would you mind letting me watch you while you make it and…

2nd - If anyone here does not know about this program then please visit the link and think about its possibilties. I would encourage you to download it. If you do please say so on this post so I can coordinate with you, if you are willing, and either teach you the knowlegde I have, or learn from you. Since I started Blender almost a month ago my knowledge is limited. But if we created a community or Verse/Blender users the possibilties are endless. We could teach new people quicker, and all the tricks of the trade. We could also collaborate desings, and make them together. Which if we all had the basic idea of the creation would speed things up. Also we would be able to contribute our ideas through talking or simply doing what we think would make it better.

Thanks for reading this post and I hope I can work with you!
“The Marmit”

Also as a side note it would become possible to have contests with multiple people doing one project

see the 2004 (i think) presentation, the 2005 demo and probably and update at the 2006 conference proceedings and videos for more info. Recently the platform has become very stable and useable. so cool to think about, isn’t it?

There is verse r6p1 running at, if you want to try.

Thanks, and yes it sounds awesome. Anyways would either of you or anyone else be willing to use it with me?

It sounds flipping tight but I need someone else who is willing to use it with me on Blender. I would mainly like to use it to learn and collaborate designs since I’m newer but it would also be fun just to see what we came up with.

ive used it.
its kewl.
end of story.

um… so I guess thats a no. Dar nit, I don’t think I will be able to get anybody who is willing to actaully do it instead of just realize how cool it is. I really want to do it just 1 time at least with someone so I can learn.

Well, i’m using ubuntu. If you or someone can provide info on how i can make verse work, i would gladly use it.

Anyway… desktop sharing is also cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Does Ubuntu work the same way that Windows does? And if I did help you would you work with me?

okay ill do it with you :slight_smile:
just…uh…join #smc irc channel and if im on i will :slight_smile:

Hey, I remember stuff like that. You’ll have to post how well it works. My first exposure to 3d was a semi-internship at a design place here. They used something similar to verse with maya. Training and presentations get LOADS cooler with that kind of thing.

(You know… get verse working well enough, and you could very well do in-blender seminars, and maybe video-record it for people who miss it. Give the kind of trade-show seminar hands-on learning over the web.)

Thanks _LsBlend! I will get it up and running today since I don’t have work and then see if and when your on. Thanks for helping me out!

I have actually used blenderverse using one of the public servers with a friend. It has a lot of potential however it is still fairly buggy and will eventually crash when you are using it. Once(if) the project matures it will be pretty amazing. Right now I would say it is more of a novelty than being useful.

I’m currently working on Verse Chat support in Blender ( )


oh… that one sounds cool. Hey sorry about the wait LS Blend, it turned out I did have work and I have work today but I found a problem anyways. My lame ZoneAlarm blocks me from downloading anything and I can get around that but then it will probably block Verse from communicating with other computers. Ill try it anyways though. I should be getting a newer laptop soon anyways which is much needed so. Ill tell you when if your still willing at the time.

Have zone alarm allow UDP traffic on port 4950, then you’ll be able to connect to a Verse server (some verse servers run on port 4951)


the user doc is at it isnt linked into the main wiki yet so i guess it’s still under development. The SSE2 build from graphicall has a verse_server.exe - havent run it tho, too busy right now.

Wonder if Verse would be used to hold Blenderartists clinics; like a few teachers could hold different clinics simultaniously, and blenderartists members could sign up for one a clinic.

You could see the features being demo’d right in your own app. Lecure notes can be pasted/typed in the text editor, and afterwards, the blenderhead could save the file(and or, when the new tutorial recorder gets implemented) have the whole session saved.

okay cool, now that I have a new computer with that stupid Zonealarm as a filter I can go onto verse. If anyone still thinks they can go onto it please post below and I will join the channels (when I join the screen doesn’t change and nothing happens, is that because no one else is on)?.