verse now integrated - but how to use it?

Subject says it all.

In the current CVS we now have the first implementations of the Verse

And of course I’m eager to try it out - I just enabled “with verse”
in my recent CVS compile and that worked just fine…I have
now an extra item called “verse” in the FILE dropdown menu
in Blender…

…And it’s possible to connect to a server…what server?
How do I make my own server? I tried reading the stuff
about VERSE at blender here…

But while it says a lot - it says literally nothing about
how to use Verse with Blender…and even if it says
you can download a server “here” …there’s no server
to be seen…anywhere…unless there’s something
I have missed?!

Any clue how to use Verse? Anyone tried it? Care to share?

Oh well… I did find something :slight_smile: Anyone

care for a verse session?! O___O :slight_smile: could be fun…we could do a “multiple-modelling-galore-session”

I did manage to connect to a verse server (the verse server got compiled with my CVS compile as a verse
binary in /install/linux2/verse* surprise surprise!)

But I can’t get them to do anything…(missing the PUSH menues in the “space-menu” in editmesh mode)…hmm…

I am hoping to here about Gimp Blender cooperation via verse before I try it again. About servers, there was a kidb test server or something - check out the “testing builds” forum on for this cvs-verse as I think it is mentioned there.


Verse works for me just fine and it’s pretty cool :D:D:D. Have you seen this:

I don’t know about windows, but on linux I get the verse server in my install/linux2 directory, so I didn’t have to download the server at all.

Edit: I didn’t saw your edit, so sorry about that. :slight_smile:

Currently I can only use it with Blender 2.37a…
Will it be implemented in the next release, or are there any 2.42 CVS builds that support this?

Ahhh, yes! I finally got verse to work (2.42 cvs) :smiley:

It’s quite tricky and not quite like the Blender doc’s tell you to,
but they’ve updated the menues and it’s much easier
than I thought!

  1. Start the verse server if you compiled it “with verse” from your
    install/linux2/ directory

  2. start 1 blender session…and connect (eg…to your localhost for testing)

  3. Model something…

  4. Go down to the mesh menu (on the viewport menu bar) and press SHARE with VERSE Server!

  5. The object is now ready for sharing in realtime and can be subscribed to
    by other users (or yourself in another Blender)

  6. Open another Blender with Verse enabled.

  7. Connect to that particular server (this ought to be your IP address or localhost if on the same computer)

  8. Go into the “outliner” and select “outliner” rather than the OOPS schematic.

  9. See the IP or “localhost” and click the arrow to expand.

  10. The object pushed onto the verse server should be visible (possibly cube if you just used the standard primitive)

  11. Select it and right click “subscribe”

It should now appear in your viewport…if not…shut down blender and
start from point 6) again until you get it right.

Voila - works like a charm - modelling via network in realtime! Very cool and
very much fun! I’m going to use this to “teach” 3D via the net, not only
that…also for fun gang-speed-modelling-sessions :smiley:

It does crash quite a bit though.


The current CVS has Verse as standard! You need to enable it for
compilation in the scon’s config files /config ! look for the
with-verse sentence and set it to “true” instead of “false” and re-compile,
it should work!

I would not recommend messing with your [blendercvs]/config/[platform] Due to conflicts, it won’t get updated on next CVS checkout and you can break your build.

Much better solution is to create a [blendercvs]/ (note it’s not in the config directory) with your preferences inside like

WITH_BF_VERSE = 'true'

that network thing sounds very great.

i am looking forward to the gimp integration a lot.

sorry, a little off topic…but rather than make a new thread…

So, is verse basically Instant Messaging for 3d applications?

Does it mean what I think it means; you can have a lot of people running Blender all modlling the same ojbect at once??



but sadly it supports only the very basic stuff…


If bitmap support is there (via Gimp, Photoshop plugins that work) it’ll already be worth the money. Let’s hope…


Wow, there has to be a big-ass persistence framework behind all that.
Looking forward to seeing this in action.
Very basic stuff: Like no subsurfing basic or no app specific techs such as modifier stack basic?

Very VERY basic stuff such as modeling only, no modifiers, no lights, no …nothing basically.

But it’s a start (although the crashes drove everyone nuts and off the server eventually).

But it’s kind of fun still. And quite easy to use.

I am very happy for Blender-Verse integration! Live performance thru web, on-line education, groups collaboration, etc, hmm, & someday games probably too! Verse have a lot of potential. Blender will be again first application with this lovely protocol! Yeaaa!!!

off topics/

someday games probably too

there’s a cool .blend here on the french community

–>the .blend
Put your nick where it’s indicated :

And press P on the 3D window .

F2 and F3 open the text and info window.
Enter , open the typing window for tchating .

Come meet us :slight_smile: . It’s pretty basic , but it work .

Posted here cause i haven’t been able to post in the python forum :frowning: .it’s okay now

/off topic

Verse is really cool :eek: , just a simple stupid question , what will i have to enter in the server field for blendin’ on the net ?
something like : " IP : name of the PC : 4950 " or something else ?

My english is so … mmmm

Peace :slight_smile: .

id love to get it workin to! im on windows, might this be a bad thing(besidest that its windows)?

me and felix tried testing it, has a glitch, when hosting a server

i started a server (he conencted to it) and then i cant connect to localhost??? lol

Firewall port is opened? What are firewall logs saying?

also you might find useful verse gimp plugin :

the ports are opened couze felix can connect to the server on my computer but i cant connect to myself which is very weird lol