verse now integrated - but how to use it?

Can you connect without the other guy being connected or can’t you connect to yourself at all?

If it’s the first case, try to connecting to your public ip address, if it’s the second try connecting to

i tied connecting with no one connected to me (localhost) and it didnt work
i didnt try network ip as i unpluged from network and directly into box for this trial

imana try my public ip…

hi has anyone figured how to connect to the gimp yet? (windows) I have the gimp plugin running… on gimp 2.2.13

(the 3d meshes share ok via localhost)

On Blendernation it specifically mentioned bitmap support for Verse. So ditto the above post!

Please tell us dazzler if you get it working! I find the ability to use all of Gimps tools straight into Blender rather exciting.


Install the gimp-verse plugin, open Gimp and you will find it under the menu Xtns->Verse Integration. Connect to the verse server, upload a image and use it as uv-mapped texture in blender. Works great here (on Ubuntu).

There was a compatibility issue due to a change in the verse spec, jiri just committed a fix.

Just updated the gimp plugin to r6p1 and blender/verse CVS. Good speed improvement!!
(Had to remove some windows-centric lines in the verse-gimp Makefile to get it to build though.)

Great work on the texture paint module Brecht! (How is the sequencer-compositor-node coming along?).

Ok…this is very neat. I can work with images in Gimp and see them update in Blender! Seeing I generally avoid texture maps I may be doing something wrong but I’ve noticed the following (with the build I am using which may not be the latest):

  • The texture is mirrored relative to what is seen in the viewport when rendered.

  • White background in Gimp becomes red for some reason and colours don’t work with me (only black and white - or rather red and white).

  • Again it may be incompetance but the UV editor didn’t seem to be behaving very well (and face select mode wasn’t working nicely either).

Once these two things are fixed, I think it will all be rather useable and very useful!


Had the same problem before CVS update (incompatible versions of plugin/blender). Get the latest plugin ( and build verse/blender from source.

Got it basically working but have the same problem as Koba

White background in Gimp becomes red for some reason and colours don’t work with me (only black and white - or rather red and white).

I am using latest plugin (r6p1), windows gimp 2.2.13, 100706 CVS blender

I can, however, run 2 instances of the Gimp and connect them together, and the images update fine with only a small delay. (alpha doesn’t seem to be supported). Is a newer blender CVS than the one I have that works?

Blender + Verse + Gimp… I’m waiting long time for this :). Can somebody compile current Blender CVS on Windows and put here link to it, please ??? :slight_smile:

P.S. Here is fix for color and transparent trouble:


Blender - gimp works now for me on windows with the new blender build : ) follow the shortcut on the blendernation article. Here’s the link. jedrzej_s, hope this works for you.

the color works great. I can even paint in the gimp while watching it update in realtime (1-2 second delay) while watching it update a 3d mesh in blender in the background. (it helps that my nvidia card can make the gimp window “always on top”, so blender can still be full screen.

Now for the next experiment: to use blender nodes as a filter plugin for the gimp … in the gimp, once you apply image filters, you can’t adjust later like in photoshop.

Thanks dazzler…works great here.

At times like this I really wish I had dual monitor. I have an nvidia card too - could you please tell me how you are stopping gimp from losing focus? Hopefully this thing is possible with several windows - if only the toolbox would maximise along with the image window (probably the most annoying thing about GIMP).

The other thing is that I havent figured out is how to send images from Blender to gimp. If you have success with your experimentation do tell us!


I have a geforce graphics card. If you download the latest nvidia driver (~40mB) it contains an application called nView desktop manager. it does heaps of display stuff: always on top, transparency, multiple desktops, keyboard shortcuts, application specific settings, flip screen, distort screen, zoom, etc. Also i remember there is a gimp plugin ( on gimp plugin site) that puts all the gimp windows in a big window.

@ dazzler:
BIG THX for this Blender build !!! It is working on my PC.

But I noticed that:

  • This Verse connection between Gimp and Blender hasn’t supported Gimp layers !!!

I testing it on:
Windows XP Pro, Gimp 2.2.13, verse-gimp-win-r6p1, Blender CVS 2006-10-11.

Question: Why has it defered 1-2 seconds beetwen painting in Gimp and showing result in Blender ? Why not true real time ???


HI everyone , could someone who managed to start a verse session between gimp and blender make a short tutorial , plsss …:rolleyes:

Here goes.

  • Download the cvs version given by dazzler above.
  • Run the included verse.exe.
  • Download the gimp plugin and copy the respective .exe to the gimp plugin directory.
  • Open gimp, create a new image. Go to Xtns -> Verse.
  • Click Connect (default is localhost which we want)
  • In the Images tab, select the respective image in the top pane and “Synch to Verse”
  • Open Blender. File -> Verse -> Connect to localhost.
  • Open the outliner, localhost should be visible.
  • Expand that node. The name of the image in Gimp should be there.
  • Right click on it and subscribe. The image should now be available in Blender.
  • In the UV/Image viewer, the Gimp image should be available from the drop down menu.
  • Play around in Gimp.

Hope that helps.


jedrzej_s, koba, glad you were able to get it going. I just want to note that I didn’t create the build. I just found it.
anyway I’ve found also that it doesn’t work with layers, or an alpha channel, but it’s a start. also it only updates the bits of the image that have changed.
If you scribble over the image in blender, it only updates in blender. then if make some more changes in the gimp, it only updates the parts of the image that have changed. this is a good thing I imagine ,because otherwise it would be transfering too much useless data.

1-2 second delay (more for big images) before image is changed: I don’t think it’s so bad considering how much information is being passed through the network protocols. If you only make a little change it will only take a little time!

Thx a lot Koba it works :smiley: