Hi Guys, just a question to from a guy that’s been using Blender for 10 months. Verse. It has it’s own page on but no tutorials! I am no coder. But If anyone could direct me on how to use it I’d be glad. But the project appears kind of Dead. :frowning: Nothing to report.

It is kind of dead. Nobody has worked on it for quite some time. They guy who was heading it up, was doing it as part of a 2 or 3 year R&D project that had funding from somewhere.

Aside from blender, nobody else really supports it. You can compile a plugin to get blender and gimp to hook up. But it is buggy.

You have to start up a master server, and then people can connect to it and share data. Right now only mesh is supported. Blender could share images with other instances of blender (it can with gimp) but there is no interface for it.

Sharing mesh data works though.

There is a howto here:

The only difference is that verse has it’s own display now in the outliner.

The gimp plugin is here:

It would be nice if blender took the idea, and made their own version where you actually interact in the same 3d space instead of just pushing mesh data back and forth.

Jiri and I are still working on Verse. Jiri works on adding PAM and DTLS support and I’m in the progress of creating a 100% C# implementation of the specs. It is true that otherwise Verse development is pretty minimal if not going on at all. I’d love to put more time in this, but I’m still strapped for time. For instance, it would be great to integrate my Verse Chat patch into blender one day…

About how to use it: connect to a verse server and in the outliner you’ll have verse sessions and a server list (if you’re connected to a master server - which is unlikely, unless you run one yourself).

If I get the time this week, I’ll see about writing a bit more on this. Keep nudging me!


So like, if I did it w/ blender and used nodes, and other complex stuff, like armatures, particles, it woudn’t work? And the chat thingy?

Yes, cheers Jiri and Nathan! That’s cool and very interesting project, we can easy say that will future applications work that way. So it’s really cool to see such Blender advanced development!

Of course it’s not production ready, but once it will be… well, I can imagine great Blender evolution!

ED used it. I’m not sure bout BBB. I’m thinking bout doing GIMP but the guy I want to connect to is 2 h away, and I want to do like a live tutorial. How do I create a verse server? :confused:

Go to the console and type “verse”

I just used it this past weekend. Fascinating. You do need the build with Verse compiled. But it’s like Gaming with a Constructive Purpose. Instead of running around shooting people, you build a model.

Ah…from the mouths of babes…:smiley:

Let’s see where this goes. Verse is, undoubtedly, one of the coolest technologies that I’ve seen. I haven’t refreshed myself lately, but from what I remember, Eskil & Co. proposed a new concept of delivering packets (vs. tcp/ip). Conceptually, it made sense. The reality was a bit short. The last time I played with this was a year or so ago…it was still slow (even over a very fast bandwidth). I’ve always been saddened by the abandonment of this project - I think this is a small part of the future of collaboration. It just makes sense.

While it would be cool to have this across a broad range of apps (i.e., GIMP, Max, etc.) - think of the frog-leap this would have for our favorite app?!

Let’s keep nudging this one :yes:

p.s., everyone (read layperson) that I’ve explained, or even showed, this to - has caught on how important this is. It’s a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned.

The underlying packet delivering protocol is UDP.

The project hasn’t been abandoned per se. Both Jiri and I are still working on/with Verse. The technology is just quite advanced and complex, and for me there are also other things to work on in Blender. Because time is not a resource in abundance I have to prioritise and juggle with my different projects. For instance, I’d like to work on my Verse Chat view in Blender, but I can’t seem to find time :confused:

I’ve started working with Verse again last month, when I took up making a working C# implementation. I’m still not far, but at least working on it again.


Python console? oohhh Blender console! (which console? GIMP has no console! ) :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin:

oh yeah, oops, now verse works with GIMP as plugin I need help with Blender! (e.g. download(i think that was givin)) W/ gimp the problem his how do I make myself the “localhost”?

Oook, now, the most recent build with verse is 2.37 for WINDOWS! How can I bare with that? (p.s. no my eyes aren’t bad it’s NOT 2.73 I’m 100% sure) I’ll see if I can figure out ubuntu to do it there…

On Graphicall org you can find many recent builds with Verse enabled.


i’ll check thanks

Saw one but how am I supposed to make myself the server?

Isn’t there a verse.exe with the build? If not, then the build isn’t entirely complete. If built with scons, the verse.exe (server) gets copied too. If there is one, launch verse.exe in a console.


Yeah I think there was…What do i do with that? and with GIMP how should this be done?

I’ll have update the page with instructions on how to use it. Maybe tomorrow I can find some time. I don’t really know about the GIMP plugin though.

But in short: start verse.exe in a console (cmd.exe) and leave it running. Then start blender and connect to localhost verse.

If you want some cool apps to work with that are fully Verse enabled (since the writer of Verse wrote them), go to . CoOn (Connector) and Loq Airou (a modeller) are the two progams you probably will be using most. Some quite cool stuff can be done with them.

I should warn you though if you want to use the applications from quelsolaar: they have very unconventional GUIs (but pretty!). So make sure you read (watch) their manuals!

ps. You’ll LOVE it

Well, I saw somethings about Blender, It looked cool, but I sort of wanted to use Verse with Blender so I can show my cousin how to do things. :frowning: