version 2.40 vs 2.41 bump

What happened to bump in 2.41 blender version?
here two shot of the same scene rendered with 2.40 (best bump) and 2.41 (almost no bump).


Yes, I have noticed this too. With maximum of the bump setting, almost no bump… Without OSA it looks bump, but with OSA: no bump.
Another strange thing: tiling of the texture made very bad filtering result with OSA.

Wow, I thought it was just me. Never associated it with the new version of Blender. I have recently been setting my NOR to extreme low settings (like 0.005) to make it look normal.

I have noticed this too. The NOR slider has to be turned way up to achieve the same effect that a small setting would have had on previous versions.

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I’ve noticed the difference between 2.41 and 2.37, 2.37a is much better bumping, also 2.40 is better than 2.41 but still not as good as 2.37a.

Some pics at;