Version 2.92

I downloaded and installed 2.92. Unfortunately, it cannot be started under Windows 10. The program blender 2.91 works perfectly. Why doesn’t the new version work? LG chris

you are asking in the wrong place, this part of the forum is for blender game engine related stuff not bug reporting. (blender 2.92 does not have a game engine!)

to report on bugs in blender go here

Actually @edderkop, Blender 2.8+ does have a game engine, it’s called UPBGE 0.3.
@chrismike, if you are indeed attempting to use UPBGE 0.3 and you are getting errors, could you post a log of the Blender crash using the blender_debug_log.cmd bat script that is located in your exe folder of that version of Blender. Oh, and by the way, the latest UPBGE 0.3 version is based on Blender 2.93, so you might also try that version to see if you are able to run Blender that way. Cheers.

i see the official blender and UPBGE as separate projects.

Yes, I well know that. However, I am strongly sure that the thread creator knew this, as he has posted in the finished games category.