Version 4.9 SubSurf Help

I downloaded the newest blender I could find, version 2.9(I think…) but I can’t find the SubSurf button anywhere! I was reading the SubSurf Modeling tutorial on but couldn’t follow it because, although I checked the “Mesh” window in both edit and object mode, the SubSurf button just wasn’t there! Does version 2.9 even have the SubSurf function? If so, please tell me exactaly where to find it(or something that has the exact same effect) or, if not, then why the heck would they take out a perfectly good function?

Hey nicemike40!

The location of the subsurf feature has changed over time. Now (in version 2.49 which is what you downloaded) it is a modifier. So go to the “Edit Buttons” at the bottom of your screen and in the “Modifiers” panel, hit the drop-down menu called “Add Modifier”. You will find the subsurf feature there.

I hope this helps, and welcome to BlenderArtists. :smiley:

Thanks a lot! I posted this like 3 minutes before you replied. Anyway, thanks again!