version 732 renderbranch

i tried to render with this new verson 738
and get very bad results?
unless it’s a bug ?

all colors are matte no brightness at all on render

so is there a thread showing how to set up this rnederbranch version and get nice results here ?


Maybe it’s because of color management? try turn it off in render settings.

I don’t really get any bugs with lack of brightness in materials in my copy of the render25 branch, be sure to check the lights as they work different in that branch.

Or… try the same scene with a previous version of the same branch.

i tried with color management off

and still very bad

sorry cannot add a picture here !

so wha’;s wrong with this picture ?

and how abot lamp i tried to increase up to 10000 and not much change here !


i tested it by addins some objects with colors
and tried with color nmanamgement and wihtout
and it’s beginning to work

but with the other file which has some red and mauve color it’s not doing the same way
which is very strange!

i’ll try to experiment some more

but is there a thread or wiki page describing what we can do with this new renderbranch?