version changes in regards to forward compatability

(LX) #1

Okay, this may seem like a weird question, but how much was changed between version 2.04 and 2.23? Was it just bug fixes, or were a bunch of new things added?

The reason I ask is that I know about some things, like armatures replacing IKAs, and sub-surfs. But if I’m just using basic procedural techniques, with some bezier curves for use as animation paths (a la Ton’s minecar ride tutorial), and I model everything in v2.23, can I safely call it up in v2.04 without messing everything up?

The main purpose for this is because importing objects (with shift-f1) doesn’t seem to work with v2.23, so I’ve been opening the destination file in v2.04, importing the objects I need, saving it, then reopening the file in v2.23.

I realised as I am writing this that I have v2.14 somewhere, should I look for that and install it, or will there not make much of a difference?

Thanks in advance,


(hannibar) #2

First of all, if you only use some curves etc, there will be no problem opening it in 2.04. btw it can’t hurt if you just try.

If you use armatures, the best thing is to get 2.22, and you won’t have problems appending there.

(LX) #3

Won’t it hurt it if I open it in 2.04 and save it if there was something that didn’t translate backwards?

I’ve already done it, I just was wondering if I should have. :slight_smile: