Version preference for a new user?


I’m finding some nice tutorials but most seem to be for version 2.34 or earlier.
I just downloaded 2.41 and after going through 1 tut for 2.34 find that menues are somewhat different and features aren’t the same.

In your opinion would it be more logical for me to learn on 2.34 or to just come here and ask about the differnces that I’m finding between 2.34 and 2.41?



Just use 2.41, but realise that things might have changed a litlle when using pre-2.40 tutorials. If you can’t find something, search this forum or post a question, and you’ll get an answer quickly. To see what has changed in versions 2.30 to 2.41 look in the Releaselogs

Release logs! Excellent.
Thank you,