Which is the best version of Blender currently out there?

Best? Who knows?
2.58 is the most recent, but I find that the necessity of having materials in the game engine is a bit annoying. Also vertex painting (in game engine) can sometimes not work.
2.57 is like 2.58, but without the two negative points mentioned above. It is far less stable on windows though.

2.49 is ancient, don’t use it. Game engine is slow, interface is so different, if you spend time learning it you are just going to have to un-learn it.

i think its a good idea to learn the 2.5x UI now and get used to it if you are still using 2.49.
That way when all the GSOC branches get merged it, it will be easier to catch up.
I think once you get familiar with new UI , you’ll easily forget 2.49 and never use it.

Buhahaha, I am still using 2.49 :stuck_out_tongue: So I should just learn 2.5x? Not anything else? Oh, does it run better with more alpha? Because 2.49 runs like crap with alpha.

The game engine in 2.5 is somewhere around 20 times faster (at least for me)
Even after only 1 or 2 weeks of learning the changed interface presented no problems and is actually more logical.

How has the logic changed?

Logic? As in logic bricks?
None really, all the same, but the way you add them is a lot nicer, without having to tell each one what it has to be after it’s added

I do not like the new IPO/F-curve thing. . .

It seems to be pretty much the same to me. What don’t you like about it?

I can’t get it out of the edit-ish mode and the extrap doesn’t work :\ I think I was using 2.5x

‘Extrap’? What’s that?
Anyway, ensure that you’ve got the latest Blender setup. If you’ve got a question about something that feels ‘off’, ask, and you might get an answer of how to fix it more to your liking. For example, if you explain a little what you mean by ‘edit-ish mode’, I or others might be able to tell you what the issue is.

If for Extrap you mean extrapolation, what doesn’t work for you ?

I clicked the extrapolation(wasn’t sure how to spell it :3) and nothing happened. I hit the hot key and nothing happened. Would I have to do something to it first?

In 2.49 you could make a ipo curve into 2 modes “solid”(un-editable) and the. . . er, “editmode”(it had verticies you could move around to change it) 2.5 has no “solid” mode

Extrapolation and editable/non editable channels