Versions of Blender

I know this is probably a very silly question, but where can I find all the versions of Blender everyone is using. For instance, Tohopuu Blender. They have a project area set up on, but no files in it, not even source code. Where is everyone getting tohopuu and Blinn shading and things? Are these available to only developers?

Also, if they’re freely available, are they already compiled? Or will I have to do that myself?

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Hi SL_Ric_Olie,

Welcome to blender :smiley: ,

here`s the june 16 th windows zip that dinkelbrow compiled.

and here`s the home page for Tohopuu Blender (CVS)

hope this helps!


linux version


Thanks guys, though I must say, I’m not nearly as newbie as my post count suggests. I’ve just been a lurker for a long, long time. :smiley:

[edit] Didn’t really want to start a new topic for this one, so I’ll post it here. In Tohopuu, the whole program runs excrutiatingly slow. It’s the same problem many people had with the International characters set in 2.27. But I found no way to turn off the international characters in tohopuu. Is there any way to make the thing run faster and not be so graphics-intensive?

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