Vertex alignment / distribution.

Hi. I’m looking for solution. Very often I need to align or distribute vertex between two out-most ones. I use cut tool, scale tool with custom Transform Orientations and project to face with snap. I also find nice tool in uv editor, but it’s only there (or not?). Tell me about your methods, addons. (sorry for my English)

there is also a distrib in looptool !


Not so fast :). Yes, But important minus, there’s no constraint options (axis or transform orientation) in ‘space tool’, And if use ‘Gstretch’, how can I draw line precise from vertex to vertex?

try space the the relax one set at 25
and it will align verts ona line between end point
then you can distrib it evenly on the line

these are tools from looptool
take a look at the looptol site there is a demo there for this


Oh, thanks, don’t know this.

But one more, look at screen in 1.your method works great. 2. need x constraint (with custom transform orientations in other cases) for lines to stay parallel and the same ‘y’ position.

see tools


A workaround would be to take advantage of the bmesh dissolve function.

Go into Edge selection mode with CTRL+TAB -> Edges or by clicking on the Edge selection button :

Select those edges

Press X -> Dissolve , then press F6 (or look into the operator tab, at the bottom of the toolshelf, that panel to the left of the 3D view)
Make sure “Dissolve Verts” is NOT enabled, we want all the vertices kept.

Go back into Vertices selection mode and select those vertices :

Press X -> Dissolve.

Now press K (the knife) then taking advantage of the knife snapping to the vertices default behaviour, just cut from the vertice on the bottom to the one on top

short video intro to loop tool

space seems to have the distribute uniforme ( almost end of video )


@Sanctuary Thanks for reply, I’m using the same method, but I thought that there’s another way like in UV-editor? seems not yet :frowning:

@RickyBlender, can’t find distribute uniforme in space. I’m not able to choose axis in Loop tool (curve, relax, space).

Also after loop tools, can’t position vertex correct because of vertex slide turn off native snap kind of wierd and there’s no absolute numeric value input, only percentages. These Little things are important for precise work.

don’t see any axis too!
but you can use space it will distrib points uniformely (equal distance ) on a line
see doc on crouch’s site

relax can make a line between 2 end points

but depends on location of points in space

it’s possible that what you want does not exist yet !


Thank you for your help and patience:eyebrowlift:.