Vertex Animating

Ok, this one I hope can be done, I have a bow I modeled, and for the string I used a cylinder , now I subdivided it, is there a way that when I go into edit mode and save its current location, and then after moving the timeframe ahead ten frames, and pulling some of the vetices back into like a drawn postion, will the bow animation work? I’ve been trying some different stuff, but how everer the model looks at the end is how it stays. I don’t know how to do this.

You need to use shape keys. Here’s a tutorial:

Edit: actually, you could rig the string to. That’d probably be an easier/better solution.

Because I was curious, I went ahead and did a quick bow rig. It’s by no means perfect, but you get the idea.


bowRig.blend (341 KB)

Sweet Bow, I should work on mine alittle better, thanks, but which actuator should I use, IPO, or action?

Action. Rigs and shape keys both are tied to actions.

And a little example file: