Vertex bevel with certain radius


I am doing CAD style modelling. First I start in 2D. I attached a few screenshots to show what I am trying to achieve.

I want a bevel at a vertex with a given radius. In the screenshot you see a 20mm circle I manually moved to a position where it touches the two edges the vertex I want to bevel is part of.
I can manually do the bevel and slowly increase the width until it touches the circle (in this example the width of 8.64mm). Obviously I would prefer not to do this manually. It is not just a lot of work to create a circle for each vertex, but also it is is very imprecise.

Is there an easy way to do this I don’t see?

Strange. I had a collage of screenshots in one image (since I can only upload one image). The forum software seems to crop my collage. I had to scale it down so it shows the entire collage of the four screenshots. Tiny :frowning:

The best way I can think of is to bevel until it looks right for you, then snap the vertices created by beveling to the edge of the circle (turn on snapping and choose edge).

Hmm…as I said…I don’t want to create a circle for every bevel :frowning:

As far as I know, you cannot snap during bevel so you should really look into CAD addons because Blender by itself was not designed to work that way. All you can do is tweak the profile (0.5 = perfectly circular, 0.25 straight profile) and compute the radius interpolating in that range.

Thanks. At the moment I just add a circle and use it as the bevel, but taking the relevant vertices from the circle and joining them with the rest.

I know Blender is not made for CAD. Still seems very strange that a circular bevel (very intuitive) is missing.

There was project but I don’t think it was finished.

There is probably option for this in pdt addon, check it’s documentation. It has all kinds of cad-like / precision operations so try it.


Try face inset fillet operator from built in edit mesh tools addon with radius toggle on:

Note what it only works on faces and produces some extra geometry.

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