Vertex Blending Textures...

Hi folks,

Posting with what I hope is a quick/easy question for the more experienced/knowledgable here.

Basically, I’m doing some game environment modeling for the BGE, and I’m setting up a basic multitexture material via vertex blending, using 4 textures (a “Base”, and then 3 additional for R, G and B). I have the texture part working fine, everything’s working as it should.

The one problem I’m running into, though, is that where two different colors/textures are blending together, you can see the “base” texture showing through. So, in my case, I have a stone texture as the “base” texture. If I paint grass on top of that, and then want the grass to blend into the dirt, I’m not able to get a smooth transition. Instead of grass > dirt, I’m getting grass > stone > dirt.

I took a screenshot to illustrate it.

So, the challenge is, figuring out how to make the vertex colors blend together directly, without the stone showing through in-between them.

I’d seen a tutorial that mentioned something about using a RGB curve and an “inverter” node to fix that, but I can’t recall what the setup was, and I can’t seem to find that tutorial again. So, I’m hoping someone here can help out.

Thank you in advance!