Vertex Chamfer Addon

Very nicely done! Cheers!

great script. thanks a lot man. one problem is that i have to move around in the view port to see it. What i mean is when i do chamfer vertex i see nothing. then when i move my view in suddenly pops up and stays there. I basically cant do the chamfer interactively and have to do i using the side panel.

oh yeah ad to ctrl+v menu please

Loving these scripts.

the add on menu says it’s found in the spacebar menu. Where?

hi, you can now find this addon in mesh_extra_tools in contrib

that’s even more confusing. spacebar > mesh extra tools?

Hi Gnaws,

After installing the Add-on, press spacebar and then start typing “Chamfer Vertex” (without the quotes).

Let me know if that helps.


hi truman & gnaws.
If you get a recent build from buildbot & graphicall you can get vertex chamfer in mesh_exrta_tools
just enable the addon & there’s a menu in the toolshelf & the ‘w’ key menu

@Truman & Meta - thank you so much. That helps alot!!


why there isn’t the displace function anymore? Was really handy.

If you look here, 4th point you can see “displace” and its value slider: