Vertex Colors to Vertex (Weight) Groups

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Sorry if this question has been asked before; but I could not find anything on search here.

Is there a way, or an add-on that can transfer your vertex colors (from vertex painting) to Vertex (weight) groups?

The reason why, is I vertex painted an area for Grass & Sand; and use the vertex color to assign different textures. Now I’d like to be able to use the same area for a particle distribution (grass) using a weight group that matches the vertex color…

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks,

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After watching Blender Vertex Color height blend material tutorial I decided to try it. I used grass and sand in the test. It worked well. Now I’d like to use hair particle system for grass distribution based on grass material distribution (based on vertex paint).

I did browse a little for that but I only found v.weight -> v.color but not the other way.

Any idea how to make a flow from vertex color to weight? Will be VERY helpful for help!

2 steps.

  1. Bake vertex color to a UV mapped texture, by making a quick emissive material and baking it.

  2. Use that texture as a mask texture on a vertex weight edit modifier.

But for your purposes, there’s no reason to take step 2-- you can use a texture to control distribution too.

If you want something more dynamic than baking, it’s easier to go vgroup->vcol (via a data transfer modifier limited by vertex group) than it is to go vcol->vgroup.

I wonder if you could help me set up solution you were mentioning.
I tried, but never did it before, and are not sure how to do it really…

I have an object with mixed materials, I have weight paint, I have objects to scatter and I wonder how to merge it together… If you could help me - I will be very thankful.

I attach my blend file (googleDrive file)

Where are you getting stuck?