Vertex Data - Bevel Weight keyboard shortcut?

Hello. I have just started a new project in which I use “Screw” and “Bevel” modifiers with the “Only Vertices” and “Weight” limit method parameters, which allows me to set the appropriate values for each vertex separately.
As you know, we control these values with the slider located on the “N” sidebar.
My question is, is there any way to assign a keyboard shortcut to this slider, allowing you to operate it interactively like the “Crease” slider, which we edit “Shift + E”?


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would like to know this as well! cant seem to find the command and right clicking on the menu doesnt get me the shortcut option

AFAIK, no such command exists natively in Blender. There are operators for edge bevel weight and edge crease, but not for vertex bevel weight.