Vertex/Face Selection question

The object below was modeled in TopMod3D. It gets exported as a single mesh, though it is actually made up of two distinct ribbons. I’ve highlighted on of them to make it easier to see.

In Blender I want to give each ribbon a different color. In Vertex Paint mode, using a bounding box wouldn’t work and trying to select each invidual vertex would take forever (and on more complex objects it would be impossible). Is there any selection tool that will allow me to select a face or vertex, and have it select all faces/vertices that are contiguous to the selected one?

I know I could export from Topmod as two different objects, but this wouldn’t be very practical for more complex shapes.

Steve S.

Yes. L in Edit Mode will will let you select linked vertices/faces . Just move your cursor over the linked/continuous shape and hit L and that mesh part will be selected then you can hide it with H . To use this in conjunction with vertex paint mode you also need to go into face select mode in vertex paint by hitting H . other wise the hidden parts will still show up in “regular” vertex paint . In face select mode you have to have the face selected before you can paint on it (and yes L works here as well) …

Though I don’t quite understand why you think having them as separate objects would be any more difficult to work with … You can just lock them in place via the transform properties window (toggle on the little padlocks for all the Loc values) or the outliner and then vertex paint and simply join them into one mesh with Ctrl-J … the vertex paint data does not get lost when you do this … And you can hide them to different layers to do the painting etc …

And if you are using vertex paint to just give them a color why not just use vertex groups and assign a material instead (using the select linked) ? You won’t have to manually paint anything just create a material and give it color …

Thanks, I’ll give it a try. As for why I don’t just export them as separate objects, this one is a fairly simple mesh, but some others get pretty complicated with maybe a half-dozen or more distinct “ribbons”. But Topmod always exports things as a single mesh, no matter how many parts they have.

Steve S.

Thanks again for the help, it worked like a charm. Here’s an example of what I was trying to do. This mesh has 8 ribbons in it.

Steve S.