Vertex Gradient?

I am trying to create a mock up for a client looking to have a Point Cloud type representation of 3D body scans. I have gotten this far but they are looking for the vertices to have an object blur effect/ gradient instead of being solid dots. Any advisement on how or where I can do this?

Particle System + volumetric shader:

Pure 2D: adding some sperical directional blur?
3D: assuming those dots are tiny spheres or even tinier cubes on a surface (by instancing?) then i would suggest semitransparent cones instead. Those could be FV-ed with different shaders (color rambs)…

This what I am looking for! How do I get there?

Add this particle system to the monkey:

And this material to the icosphere:

(Only tried it in Cycles)

I don’t know if this is the most efficient way to achieve the effect, though.

(looks a bit different because I played with the settings before saving)
volumetric_particles.blend (258.9 KB)