Vertex Group Dump script

This is a simple script that dumps the groups, and optionally the weights, of selected vertices on a mesh. Its likely to only run on 2.34 without changes though, so grab a test build if you aren’t working with a CVS build already or wait until 2.34 is released.

The script can be found for download or for posterity in the code block below.

Since this is so trivial, it is released without restriction, do with it as you wish.


Name: 'Selected Vertex Group Dump'
Blender: 234
Group: 'Mesh'
Submenu: 'Vertex Groups Only' onlyGroups
Submenu: 'Vertex Groups With Weights' withWeights
Tip: 'Print Vertex Groups for Selected Vertices'
import os
import Blender
from Blender import Object, NMesh

if __name__ == "__main__":
	editMode = Blender.Window.EditMode ()
	if editMode:
		Blender.Window.EditMode (0)
		Blender.Redraw ()
		Blender.Window.EditMode (1)

	obj = Object.GetSelected () [0]
	mesh =
	groupCount = 0
	count = 0

	onlyGroups = __script__['arg'] == 'onlyGroups'

	print "Selected Vertex Group Dump, processing mesh",, "from object", obj.getName ()

	if onlyGroups:
		for grp in mesh.getVertGroupNames ():
			groupCount += 1
			for vidx in mesh.getVertsFromGroup (grp):
				vert = mesh.verts [vidx]
				if vert.sel:
					count += 1
					print "	", grp
		print count, "groups involved out of", groupCount, "total groups."
		for vert in mesh.verts:
			if vert.sel:
				print "	Vertex:", vert.index,
				glist = mesh.getVertexInfluences(vert.index)
				if len (glist) > 0:
					for inf in glist:
						print "		", inf [0], inf [1]
					print "		**NO GROUPS**"