Vertex group problem with armatures in 2.33a

I’m using Blender 2.33a, and have been since it came out. It’s great and I love it. Unfortunately, I like animating some of my blender work, but armatures don’t seem to work like they have in previous versions.

In older versions I could create vertex groups in the object, parent the object to the armature, and the vertex groups would move as the particular bones were moved. Great.

But in 2.33a, I get a different menu when parenting (Ctrl+P). No matter which option I choose, blender feels the need to disregard my vertex groups completely. Instead it moves the closest vertices to each bone of the armature.

Does anyone know what’s going on? Or how to help me? I’d appreciate it very much…

Choose the “Don’t Create Vertex Group” option.


Aha! Thank you! That never seemed to work before… how odd.

It should be named “Don’t alter groups”, that would be more representative of what it does. In your case, the other options would overwrite the groups you already had.


While it’s here I may as well ask…

What do the bone types do? When one or more bones are selected, you have a choice of Leg, Foot, Tonuge, Arm, Neck, etc. What do these actually mean and do?

most, if not all, of that is not implemented

it is intended to aide in autoskinning

They were to be used with a better autoskinning/autorigging system which is not done yet. Currently, making the bone Unskinnable makes “Create From Closest” and “Create Groups” ignore those bones. Useful for IK solvers and other helper bones which you probably don’t want to affect any vertex to.