Vertex Group Question

Hi, just using weight paint and now I need to assign the newly created “vertex group” to the particles.

Question 1)
This image below is in the particle settings. Is this the correct place to enter the vertex group name? (see image)

Question 2)
Which space (see image) do I need to enter the vertex group name into so it places the particles “only” where I weight painted? I mean there should be a separate slot “only” for assigning the particles to the weight painted area of the mesh as this is really confusing with all of these options.

Question 3)
I’ve read the Blender Wiki on Vertex Groups but it doesn’t show this 2.5 panel and what each slot is used for so a brief explanation as to which ones are necessary would be really appreciated. Thanks.


1 - Yes, that’s why the panel is called ‘vertex groups’
2 - Density. Denisty of zero = no particles.
3 - The wiki was written for blender 2.49. They control the value of the corresponding setting. Note that some of these are in the children settings (such as the roughness values). The best way to learn is to play and try out particles with different settings. Try your vertex group in each slot and see the effect

Thanks Richard.

Ok, Interesting. I combed the hair in “Particle Mode” then I went back into “Object Mode” and I noticed there were 2 new buttons “Free Edit” and “Disconnect Hair”. So I see I can’t adjust the particle count unless I select “Free Edit” because the “Emission, Velocity, Rotation and Physics” panels were all greyed out but if I select “Free Edit” that destroys any combing I’ve done.

Can someone please explain the uses of “Free Edit” and Disconnect Hair". Thanks.